Hindi Alphabet Letters with Chart, Video, & Worksheet

If you want to learn the Hindi language then the Hindi alphabet is as important as the alphabet in the English language.

If you are a parent and want your children to be able to read and write the Hindi language, then it is important for them to learn all of the Hindi alphabet letters very well. Because it starts with the alphabet itself.

And if you’re those people who want to learn the Hindi alphabet or if you are preparing for a competitive exam then we have explained the Hindi letters in detail & in a very easy way.

We have explained this Hindi alphabet with the help of a chart, audio, pronunciation, pictures, examples, video, and worksheets.

So, read on!

What is Hindi Alphabet?

The Hindi alphabet is a set of characters/letters arranged in a certain order which is used to speak and write the Hindi language.

By the way, in the Hindi alphabet, there are 44 letters on the basis of pronunciation. In which there are 11 vowels and 33 consonants. And on the basis of writing, there are 52 characters, which we will discuss further in this article. In which there are 13 vowels, 33 consonants, 2 binary consonants, and 4 combined consonants.

But the standard Hindi alphabet authorised by the Government of India consists of 44 characters, in which there are 11 vowels and 33 consonants. Meaning these 44 characters have been officially recognized.

And according to the traditional Hindi alphabet, there are 52 letters, which include 13 vowels, 33 consonants, 2 double consonants, and 4 combined consonants.

If you want to learn Hindi then it is very important for you to know all of the letters.

If your children are from nursery class to 5th standard then their syllabus has 11 vowels (from अ से औ) and 33 consonants (from क से ह).

And if your kids are in higher classes then all 52 letters of the alphabet will have to be learned.

Hindi letters is mainly divided into two parts: vowel and consonant.

Hindi Alphabet Vowel

First of all, let you know what is letter/character. A letter is the smallest unit of the Hindi language which is also called sound. And we can’t break it anymore.

For example:- अ, क, इ, ख, प, ज, etc.

Those letters which do not require any other letter for pronunciation is called vowel.

The number of vowels in the Hindi alphabet is 11. But according to the traditional Hindi alphabet, the number of vowels is 13.

If your kids are from nursery class to 5th standard then their syllabus has 11 vowels (from अ to औ). अं and अः are not included. And if your kids are in higher classes then they need to know all 13 vowels.

The Government of India has not included (अं) and (अः) in the vowel. But for your information, we have written 13 vowels with their pronunciation below. To learn Hindi, it is necessary to have knowledge of all these vowels.

 [a] [aa] [i] [ee] [u] [oo] [ri]
 [e] [ai] [o] [au]अं [an]अः [ah]

Hindi Varnamala Sounds – Vowel:

Teach your child to read the vowels of the Hindi alphabet quickly with the help of the audio below. As we all know that when we listen to something, again and again, we remember it quickly. So recite this audio to your child again and again.

Note: अं is called Anusvara and अः is called Visarga. And these are those characters that are neither included in the vowel nor in the consonant alphabet. These are called Ayogvahas because they are made from the vowel अ and carry the pronunciation of consonant letters. These letters always come after the vowel and before the consonant while pronouncing it.

For example, in रंग (र् +  + ं + ) the letter अं is coming after अ and before ग.

Examples of अं – झंडा, अंग, नंबर, गंगा, पंखा, झारखंड

Examples of अः – छः, अतः, मुख्यतः, प्रात:, पुन:, निःशुल्क

Note: (ri) is a half vowel but the Government of India has considered it a full vowel.

The word examples for these 13 vowels are given below.

Hindi Alphabet Consonant

The letters which require vowels to be pronounced are called consonants. Consonant letters cannot be pronounced without the help of vowels.

For exampleक = क् + अ

The number of consonants in the Hindi alphabet is 33. And if we talk about the traditional Hindi alphabet, apart from 33 consonants, there are also 4 combined consonants and 2 binary consonants.

If your child is from Nursery to 5th standard then there are 33 consonants (from क to ह) in their syllabus. And if your children are in higher classes then apart from 33 consonants, they will also need to know 4 combined consonants (क्ष, त्र, ज्ञ, श्र).

We have written below 33 consonants and 4 combined consonants with their pronunciation.

 [ka] [kha] [ga] [gha] [nga] [cha] [chha]
 [ja] [jha] [eyan] [ta] [tha] [da] [dha]
 [nna] [ta] [tha] [da] [dha] [na] [pa]
 [pha] [ba] [bha] [ma] [ya] [ra] [la]
 [va] [sha] [shha] [sa] [ha]क्ष [ksha]त्र [tra]
ज्ञ [gya]श्र [shra]

Hindi Varnamala Sounds – Consonant

Teach your child to read the consonants of the Hindi alphabet quickly with the help of the audio given below.

Note: Binary consonant is not officially included in the Hindi alphabet, but for your information, let us tell you that the consonant which is made from the combination of two consonant letters is called a binary consonant.

For exampleड़ (Ada) और ढ़ (Dha)

ड + र = ड़

ढ + र = ढ़ 

These letters do not start any word but form a word by putting them in the middle or at the end. like –

Examples of ड़ – लड़का, लड़ाई, सड़क, पहाड़, पेड़, आदि | 

Examples of ढ़ – बाढ़, बूढ़ा, चढ़ना, पढ़ना, आदि |

The examples of words formed from all these consonants are given below.

Hindi Alphabet Video

We all know that video is a very effective way of learning for children. It helps children to learn anything better & fast. That’s why we have given below the Hindi Alphabet video which will help your child to learn Hindi letters in an entertaining way.

Hindi Alphabet Chart with Picture

Most parents search for Hindi alphabet charts for their children because they know that chart with pictures helps a lot in learning and memorizing the Hindi alphabet quickly.

A chart with pictures is a great way for kids to recognize and learn the alphabet.

That’s why we have provided a free Hindi vowel and the consonant chart below, which you can also get printed.

Printable Hindi Alphabet Chart PDF Download

If you want to read the Hindi alphabet as a PDF and are looking for a free Hindi alphabet chart pdf then click on the download link given below where we have uploaded the Hindi alphabet chart with pictures.

Hindi Alphabet in English Pronunciation

If you are learning the Hindi alphabet for the first time, then of course you have difficulty in pronouncing it. That’s why we have written below the Hindi alphabet in English with pronunciation.

Hindi AlphabetHindi Alphabet in EnglishHindi Alphabet Word Examples
eeईख, ईट

Hindi Alphabet Practice Worksheets

Till now you have learned what is Hindi Alphabet.

Now, is the time to practice.

Now let’s learn how to teach children to write the Hindi alphabet. For this, we have prepared worksheets on vowels and consonants.

We have provided many practice worksheets in this Hindi alphabet practice worksheet article, so click on that link for printable worksheets.

Hindi Alphabet Worksheets

If you have read this article till now, then there is a bonus for you in the form of Hindi alphabet worksheets. With the help of these worksheets, you can make your child practice reading & recognise the Hindi letters.

We have provided many printable worksheets in this Hindi alphabet worksheet article, so click on that link for more worksheets. You can print these worksheets and let your child practice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hindi Alphabet

How many vowels are in the Hindi alphabet?

The Standard Hindi Alphabet (officially recognized by the Government of India) has 11 vowels (अ to औ) and the traditional alphabet has 13 vowels (अ to अः).

How many consonants are there in the Hindi alphabet?

Standard Hindi has 33 consonants (from क to ह) but traditional Hindi has 39 consonants in which apart from 33 consonants there are 4 combined consonants (क्ष, त्र, ज्ञ, श्र) and 2 binary consonants (ड़ (Ada) और ढ़ (Dha)).

How many letters are there in Hindi alphabet?

There are a total of 52 letters in the Hindi alphabet, of which 44 letters have been officially recognized, which include 11 vowels and 33 consonants.

What are the 11 Hindi vowels?

These are the 11 Hindi vowels: अ, आ, इ, ई, उ, ऊ, ए, ऐ, ओ, औ, ऋ, अं, अ:

How many types of Hindi letters are there?

There are 2 types of Hindi letters – vowel and consonant.

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