50+ Flowers Name in Hindi and English: फूलों के नाम with Pics

As a parent or teacher, if you’re searching for a flowers name list, no matter whether 10, 15, 20, or even 40 flowers, then in this post, we have listed more than 50 easy flower names in Hindi and English with pictures, charts, worksheets, and a video.

Flowers are a universal symbol of beauty, love, and happiness. Whether we’re giving them as gifts, using them to decorate our homes, or simply enjoying their sweet fragrance, flowers have a special place in our hearts. With over 300,000 species of flowers in the world, it’s fascinating to see how each one has its own unique name and cultural significance. But did you know that flowers have different names in different languages? And in this article, we’ll explore the names of flowers in Hindi and English.

In India, the flowers name is memorised in Hindi and English by the students of class nursery to 5th. In school, if students are asked to write the names of flowers, then after writing just 4-5 names, they do not understand what else to write. If your kids also got the homework to write the names of flowers, then below is the list of all flowers name in Hindi and English with pictures that will make it easy for your kids to learn and complete the homework.

Note: Our team did extensive research before writing this post, so all flower names with their meaning in Hindi & English are 100% correct.

Flowers Name in Hindi and English: 50+ Phoolon ke Naam


Flowers Pictures

Flowers Name In English

Flowers Name In Hindi

1.Rose FlowerRoseगुलाब
2.Lotus FlowerLotusकमल
3.Marigold FlowerMarigoldगेंदा
4.Jasmine FlowerJasmineचमेली
5.Lily FlowerLilyलिली
6.Sunflower FlowerSunflowerसूरजमुखी
7.Daisy FlowerDaisyगुलबहार
8.Tulip FlowerTulipकन्द पुष्प
9.Murraya FlowerMurrayaकामिनी
10.Water Lily FlowerWater Lilyनीलकमल
11.Daffodil FlowerDaffodilनरगिस
12.Periwinkle FlowerPeriwinkleसदाबहार
13.Shameplant FlowerShameplant/Touch Me Notछूईमूई
14.Balsam FlowerBalsamगुल मेहँदी
15.Pot Marigold FlowerPot Marigoldगुले अशर्फ़ी
16.Gulmohar FlowerGulmoharगुलमोहर
17.Flax FlowerFlaxपटसन
18.Plumeria FlowerPlumeriaचम्पा
19.SnowDrop FlowerSnowDropगुलचाँदनी
20.Hiptage FlowerHiptageमाधवी पुष्प
21.Poppy FlowerPoppyअफीम के फूल
22.Bluestar FlowerBluestarअसोनिया
23.Primrose FlowerPrimroseबसंती गुलाब
24.Windflower FlowerWindflowerरत्नज्योति
25.Mogra FlowerMograमोगरा
26.Butterfly Pea FlowerButterfly Peaअपराजिता
27.Star Jasmine FlowerStar Jasmineकुंद पुष्प
28.Night Blooming Jasmine FlowerNight Blooming Jasmineरात की रानी
29.Saffron FlowerSaffronकेसर
30.Hibiscus FlowerHibiscusगुड़हल का फूल
31.Yellow Oleander FlowerYellow Oleanderपीला कनेर
32.Cherry Blossom FlowerCherry Blossomचेरी
33.Magnolia FlowerMagnoliaस्वर्ण चंपा
34.Celosia FlowerCelosiaकलगी
35.Red Lotus FlowerRed Lotusकुमुद
36.Coneflower FlowerConeflowerशंख पुष्प
37.Orchid FlowerOrchidऑर्किड
38.Lilac FlowerLilacबकाइन
39.Glory Lily FlowerGlory Lilyबचनाग
40.Tuberose FlowerTuberoseरजनीगंधा
41.Bluebell FlowerBluebellघंटिका
42.Indigo FlowerIndigo Flowerनील पुष्प
43.Zinnia FlowerZinniaझिननिया
44.Pansy FlowerPansyबनफूल
45.Acacia FlowerAcacia Flowerबबूल का फूल
46.Golden Shower FlowerGolden Showerअमलतास
47.Hollyhock FlowerHollyhockगुलखैरु
48.Aconite FlowerAconiteबच्छनाभ
49.Foxtail Orchid FlowerFoxtail Orchidद्रौपदी माला
50.Carnation FlowerCarnationगुलनार
51.Crossandra FlowerCrossandraअबोली

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Flowers Name in Hindi – Chart

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Flowers Name for Kids Learning – VIDEO

Let your kids watch the video below to learn the name of flowers fast & in an interesting way.

10 Flowers Name for Kids

S.N.Name of FlowersAbout it
1. RoseRose is a perennial shrub flowering plant belonging to the genus Rosa in the Rosaceae family. It has over 100 species and numerous cultivars and produces large, showy flowers in various colors and fragrances. Roses are cultivated worldwide for their beauty and are of cultural significance in many societies.
2.LotusLotus (Nelumbo Nucifera) is regarded as a sacred and auspicious flower in Indian culture. It is also the national flower of India and Vietnam. It is a perennial aquatic plant that grows up to 49 inches high and can spread up to 10 feet horizontally. It grows in slow-moving rivers and delta areas.
3.MarigoldMarigold (Tagetes species) is a genus of annual or perennial, mostly herbaceous plants in the family Asteraceae, with attractive yellow, orange, or red composite flowers that are solitary on the stems or clustered. They are native to southwestern North America, tropical America, and South America, and are easy to grow, and bloom reliably all summer.
4.LilyLily flowers belong to the Lilium genus of herbaceous perennial plants with scaly bulbs and large, prominent flowers consisting of six petal-like segments that may form a trumpet shape and come in a wide variety of colors.
5.JasmineJasmine is a fragrant flower belonging to the genus Jasminum and found in around 200 species of shrubs. It has white or yellow flowers with a pinwheel-like form and is native to tropical and warm temperate regions. The flower is widely cultivated for its distinct scent and is used to make tea, perfume, and incense.
6.SunflowerSunflower (Helianthus annuus) is an annual plant in the Asteraceae family, native to North and South America. It has a large flower head, growing up to 30 cm wide, made of hundreds of tiny florets that attract pollinators. Sunflowers are cultivated for their edible seeds and as ornamentals.
7.DaisyThe Daisy flower, also known as Bellis perennis, is a symbol of innocence, purity, and simplicity. Its distinctive white petals surrounding a yellow center make it a popular choice for gardens and floral arrangements.
8.TulipTulip is a genus of bulbous herbs in the lily family with a variety of colors and shapes, native to Central Asia and Turkey. They produce large, brightly coloured flowers with a distinctive blotch at the base of the petals, and are popular garden flowers that can be propagated by scaly bulbs.
9.PansyPansy is a type of colorful flower with heart-shaped petals and distinctive “faces” belonging to the Viola genus in the violet family. They come in a range of colors and can be found in gardens and containers around the world, often blooming in the spring and fall.
10.PeriwinklePeriwinkle (genus Vinca) is a genus of plants in the Apocynaceae family, known for their blue or purple flowers.

Flowers Name Worksheets

Till now your kids learned about the name of different flowers.

Now, is the time to practice them.

So, download & print out our printable flower name worksheets and let your kids start practicing.

Here is an example of one of the worksheets:

Flowers Name Worksheet

List of Scientific Name of Flowers

S.N.Flower NamesScientific Name of Flowers
2.LotusNelumbo nucifera
8.DaisyBellis perennis
9.MograJasminum sambac

List of Different Flowers Names Based on Colour

White Flowers Name

White flowers are a symbol of purity, innocence, and elegance. Here is the list of 10 white flowers:

  1. Snowdrop
  2. Jasmine
  3. Magnolia
  4. Lily
  5. Daisy
  6. Moonflower
  7. Murraya
  8. Mogra
  9. Calla Lily
  10. Gardenia

Yellow Flowers Name

Yellow flowers are known for their cheerful and vibrant appearance, often symbolizing friendship, happiness, and positivity. Below is the list of 10 yellow flowers:

  1. Sunflower
  2. Yellow Oleander
  3. Daffodil
  4. Golden Shower
  5. Pansy
  6. Buttercup
  7. Marigold
  8. Plumeria
  9. Acacia flower
  10. Coreopsis

Red Flowers Name

When it comes to flowers, red blossoms are popular choices for their vibrant and passionate appearance. Below is the list of red flowers:

  1. Rose
  2. Poppy
  3. Carnation
  4. Hollyhock
  5. Zinnia
  6. Celosia
  7. Hibiscus
  8. Primrose
  9. Gulmohar
  10. Blood Lily

Blue Flowers Name

Blue flowers are known for their unique beauty and soothing effect on the mind. Here is the list of 10 blue flowers:

  1. Flax
  2. Orchid
  3. Bluestar
  4. Butterfly Pea
  5. Bluebell
  6. Periwinkle
  7. Chicory
  8. Morning Glory
  9. Forget-Me-Not
  10. Gentian

Purple Flowers Name

Here are 10 purple flowers that will add a touch of sophistication to any garden:

  1. Iris
  2. Lavender
  3. Aster Flower
  4. Aconite
  5. Windflower
  6. Indigo Flower
  7. Sweet Violet
  8. Sea Holly
  9. Verbena
  10. Lilac

Pink Flowers Name

Pink is a popular colour when it comes to flowers and below is a list of 10 pink flowers:

  1. Coneflower
  2. Lotus
  3. Cherry Blossom
  4. Periwinkle
  5. Shameplant
  6. Water Lily
  7. Tulip
  8. Balsam
  9. Amaranth Flower
  10. Asiatic Lily

Orange Flowers Name

Orange flowers are vibrant and eye-catching and below is a list of 10 orange flowers:

  1. Marigold
  2. Pot Marigold
  3. Crossandra
  4. Flame of Forest
  5. Tiger Lily
  6. Calendula
  7. Cosmos
  8. Orange Lily
  9. Lantana
  10. Butterfly Weed

Water Flowers Name

Here are 10 water flowers that are sure to delight any nature lover:

  1. Water Lily
  2. Lotus
  3. Water Poppy
  4. Calla Lily
  5. Marsh Marigold
  6. Water Hawthorn
  7. Water Iris
  8. Water Hyacinth
  9. Yellow Floating Heart
  10. Pickerel Weed

Summer Flowers Name

Summer is the season of sunshine, warmth, and blooming flowers. Below is the list of 10 summer flowers:

  1. Iris
  2. Hibiscus
  3. Daisy
  4. Coneflower
  5. Dahlia
  6. Marigold
  7. Sunflower
  8. Aster
  9. Carnations
  10. Lavender

Winter Flowers Name

Here are 10 winter flowers:

  1. Petunia
  2. Alyssum
  3. Daffodil
  4. Hollyhock
  5. Pansy
  6. Rose
  7. Pot Marigold
  8. Phlox
  9. Dianthus
  10. Clarkia

Frequently Asked Questions About Names of Flowers

What are the 10 flowers name for nursery class?

1. Rose (गुलाब)
2. Lotus (कमल)
3. Jasmine (चमेली)
4. Marigold (गेंदा)
5. Sunflower (सूरजमुखी)
6. Lily (लिली)
7. Daisy (गुलबहार)
8. Periwinkle (सदाबहार)
9. Tulip (कन्द पुष्प)
10. Daffodil (नरगिस)

What are the 5 most common flowers?

Rose, Lotus, Jasmine, Lily, and Sunflower are some most common flowers.

Which is the most beautiful flower?

Due to its excellent beauty, fragrance, colour, and many different species, the Rose is the most beautiful flower in the world.

Which flower is eaten as a food?

Not all flowers are safe to consume as a food, but Rose (गुलाब) and Hibiscus (गुड़हल का फूल) are some flowers that can be eaten as a food.

What is the most common flower?

Due to its beauty, popularity, and many different species, the Rose is the most common and popular flower in the world.

What is the scientific name of the rose flower?

Rosa is the scientific name of the rose flower.

Which flower is eaten as a vegetable?

There are many flowers that are taken as vegetables, but Broccoli and Cauliflower are two popular plants whose flowers are eaten as vegetables.

What kind of flower is 🌸?

🌸 is an emoji representation of a Cherry Blossom, which is a type of flower that originates from Japan. The Cherry Blossom is known for its delicate pink or white petals and is often associated with springtime and renewal. This flower is also commonly used in Japanese cultural events and festivals.

What is the 10 flowers name in Hindi?

1. गुलाब
2. कमल
3. चमेली
4. सूरजमुखी
5. गुलबहार
6. गेंदा
7. लिली
8. कन्द पुष्प
9. कामिनी
10. नरगिस

Which flower is the king of flowers?

Rose: The King of Flowers

Which is the national flower in India?

In India, Lotus is the national flower.

Which flower blooms all the year?

There are many flowers that bloom all year, and Rose, Adenium, Daffodil, Tulip, Dahlia, are few of them.


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